Slogan: You home in the palm of your hand


Project Overview

Home Pilot is an app on your smartphone to control the environment of your house and help you conserve electricity. It provides a service that links all of your electrical devices in one platform. Home Pilot also helps you analyze how much of your devices cost on electricity so you can check the data to avoid vampire draw (leaking electricity) and waste the energy.

The segmentation of HomePilot: HomePilot App is more focusing on auto control that you can make all the devices automatic on / off by using (MY PILOT FEATURE) predictive analysis to set timing. Therefore, you can enjoy your cozy home environment, like you were having someone to service you.

Project Details

  • Date : Summer 2014 - Summer 2015
  • Client : Smart Home Owners
  • Category : Smart Home Mobile App, UI/UX Design,
    Programmed Digital Prototype, MFA Thesis Project